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BK Design Moda Infantil can make modifications and updates to the content on their web page, or in the configuration and presentation. BK Design Moda Infantil does everything in its power to ensure that the information provided on their web page is clear, concise and adequate, avoid errors where possible and if this is the case, correct them or update them.

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Before making any service contract, acquiring products or items the user must read carefully the corresponding conditions. The subscription to a contract implies the acceptance of said conditions, in force, at the time of contracting the services. However, it is strictly prohibited for minors to contract services or products, without having previous and correct consent from their parents, tutor’s, or legal guardians, who will then be held responsible for any act carried out by the minor in their care conforming to current regulations.

Access to the BK Design web will be unlimited and free, without prejudice to the connection cost through the internet provider contracted by the user.

Will reference to the web page content, BK Design Moda Infantildoes not offer any type of guarantee, express or implied, and in no case will be held responsible by the user for any loss or damage deriving from the usage of this web page or its contents.

The user should utilise the web page adequately, otherwise they will be held responsible for damages of any kind suffered by BK Design Moda Infantil as a consequence of any type of breach in obligations listed in the present conditions. The user accepts consciously and voluntarily that the use of any content on the web page in all cases is their own responsibility.

BK Design Moda Infantil will not be held responsible for any misuse by third parties on this web page, nor the information transmitted by third parties. The content provided on this web page is merely informative, meaning that the use by the user and any damages or consequences deriving from the use is exclusive responsibility of the user. BK Design Moda Infantil reserves the right to take legal action against third parties when involving any illicit use of their web page.

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These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. In accordance with article 10 of the law 34/2002, from the 11th of July; Information society services and online commerce