About us

BK design ceremony designer fashion - as unique as your little darling

BK-Design is now a successful fashion label that deals exclusively with the design of nostalgic and classic children's fashion.

Here you will find unique handmade christening clothes and children's costumes. Our christening dresses All of our christening gowns are lovingly handcrafted according to our own design. Our designs are inspired by the christening gowns of the good old days and design the cut of these little treasures in such a way that they meet the demands of today's modern society.

Materials that we process are basically in accordance with the Ökotex standard and free of any harmful substances, because the health of our children is particularly important to me as a mother of three children. Our costumes Since we are real Bavarians and grew up here, we know the traditions of our beloved homeland of Bavaria.

What could be nicer than having your child christened in traditional costume, be it in a christening dirndl or in lederhosen.

Our traditional costumes are basically made according to our cuts and designs and are also lovingly handcrafted in house.

Our fashion designs are now sold all over the world and we aret pride that we have the honor to be ambassadors of craftsmanship and traditions from our wonderful homeland of Bavaria.

Our company has moved and we have our fashion company based in Spain. Since July 2022 we are able to offer you a much wider range of products from our new location and we are proud to be able to offer you a shipping route that is just as fast as you were used.